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Hello and welcome to our site!

We help women lose weight and feel fantastic in their bodies! 

Have you ever cancelled plans to go out because nothing in your closet fit right? 

Are you at that point where the number on the scale is terrifying to you?

Have you been trying to lose weight for as long as you can remember?

Imagine a life free from worrying about your weight.  You are happy, light, and so comfortable in your own skin...Yes! It's possible and I can help you get there...

Who we are:  

I am a 30-something yr. old recovering yo-yo dieter who is finally at peace with her body. My journey in self exploration led me to getting a Master's Degree in Holistic Health Education and becoming a Certified Nutrition Educator. I have developed a program to share what I've learned with those who struggle with their weight and self-image. It's called:
Nutritional CPR!!!! Because getting you to feel better is a real emergency!

C stands for Custom Menu Planning.

P stands for Pantry Rehab.

R stands for Refrigerator Resuscitation

Real Food Nutrition for Real Permanent Change:

Please note: if you are looking for another quick fix or a fad diet, this program is not for you.
If you are ready to change your lifestyle and live like a lean, healthy, vibrant person, then I can help. You will have to make some changes and having me as your coach in the beginning will help to get you there. My goal is to enable you to take the best care possible of yourself...because in the end, it's all about you....

No ready made shakes, no  bars, no frozen, packaged meals...these things will only make you gain more weight later on down the road...believe me! After you've been through my program, whipping up healthy meals will no longer seem like a chore. I'll teach you how to shop, plan, and cook delicious and healthy foods that will fuel your way to becoming the lean, energized person you've always dreamt of!

There's also my Twelve Week Total Transformation Program for folks who need a little more accountability and some fabulous extras like an organic skin care make-over and a glamorous photo shoot! Please visit my Services page for more information.

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